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$650 covers you for one relinquished property and one replacement property.

An additional $175 will be charged for each replacement property purchased afterwards.

There's a $30 wire fee for outgoing wires.

That's it.

AND we pay interest on the funds while we
hold them.

Gain and Tax Estimate on sale of Investment Property

Transaction Facts
Address of the replacement property
Address of the relinquished property

Transaction Facts
Original Price of relinquished property
Capital Improvements to relinquished property
Accumulated Depreciation you've claimed
Adjusted basis of relinquished property
Sale price of relinquished property
Basis (cost to acquire home)
Fix-up expenses to sell property
Commission rate
Adjusted sale price
Loan being paid off
Amount realized on sale
Gain realized on sale
Gain Calculations
Gain taxable this year
Gain on which tax is deferred
Purchase price of replacement property
Federal Tax bracket incl Medicare Tax of 3.8%
Federal Capital gains tax
State Tax bracket
State Capital gains tax
Total taxes due
Net available for replacement property
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