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$650 covers you for one relinquished property and one replacement property.

An additional $175 will be charged for each replacement property purchased afterwards.

There's a $30 wire fee for outgoing wires.

That's it.

AND we pay interest on the funds while we
hold them.


1031 Exchange Experts - 1031 Real Estate Exchange : Are you a 1031 real estate exchange investor seeking 1031 exchange experts' suggestion? We are fully bonded and nationwide. For information call us at 1-866-794-1031.

1031 Qualified Intermediary : The role of the Qualified Intermediary is essential to completing a successful and valid delayed exchange. The Qualified Intermediary does not provide legal or specific tax advice to the exchanger.

Tenant-in-Common - 1031 Exchange Option : Tenant-in-Common benefits and 1031 exchange option information is provided. Tenant-in-Common (TIC) / CORE is an increasingly popular 1031 exchange option for many real estate investors.

1031 Exchange Information : Gives basic rules of 1031 exchange information, replacement property and relinquished property. In order to defer all the capital gains taxes, you must buy replacement property of equal or greater value of relinquished property.

1031 Do's and Don’ts : Know the tax 1031 exchange do's and don'ts. Describes what are the basic rules that have to be followed to qualify for complete tax deferral.

1031 Exchange FAQs : Provides some of the most frequently asked questions on 1031 exchange (1031 exchange FAQs) transactions that are basic and relevant for understanding the process.

1031 Like-Kind Exchange - 1031 Exchange Requirements : Provides an overview of 1031 real estate like-kind exchanges. Also gives information on 1031 exchange requirements relating to like-kind, business or investment use, and timing.

IRS Guidelines - IRS Revenue Ruling : Get information about IRS guidelines and role of IRS revenue ruling procedure. The IRS revenue ruling is an important step in providing assurance that TIC properties qualify as viable 1031 exchange options.

IRS 1031 Exchange - 1031 Reverse Exchange : Provides information on IRS 1031 exchange programs and on the potential advantages of using TIC interests to complete 1031 reverse exchanges.

Flipping Real Estate Investment - California Real Estate Tax : Details about flipping real estate investment, real estate tax in California. Flipping real estate is process of buying a property and then quickly reselling it at a higher price.

Capital Gains Tax - Real Estate Capital Gains Tax : Gives information about capital gains tax and real estate capital gains tax in California. Find out about swap-and-drop business protecting strategies.

1031 Exchange and Real Estate Investing : Discover the importance of 1031 exchange strategies and how it takes center stage in real estate investing. Avail expert help to find out what properties qualify for like kind 1031 exchange programs.

Tenant-in-common Investment : Find out how co-owners can separately exchange their tenant-in-common interests investment properties through a tax-deferred 1031 exchange.

Realty Investments - 1031 Realty Exchange : Gives insightful answers to relevant questions about deferred 1031 realty exchanges & investments under IRC section. Deferred realty exchanges under IRC section 1031 can provide significant tax benefits for taxpayers.

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange - IRC 1031 : Discover the use of 1031 tax deferred exchange considered the best-kept secret in real estate wealth building. Avail information on internal revenue code (IRC) and all aspects of 1031 exchange transaction.

1031 Real Estate Exchange Rules : Commercial real estate professionals and their clients must know 1031 real estate exchange rules to avoid a dozen common potholes that can diminish the potential benefits of internal revenue code section 1031 exchanges.

1031 Guide : Provides comprehensive guide to successful 1031 exchanges. Learn about 1031 exchange benefits, exchange process and its requirements.

1031 Exchange News - Taxpayer Exchanges : Provides updated 1031 exchange news & comprehensive information on taxpayer exchanges. Taxpayer transfers relinquished property to a qualified intermediary in exchange for replacement property formerly owned by a related party.

1031 Tax Exchange - California 1031 Exchange Services : Information about 1031 Exchange Company that provides 1031 tax exchange services in California to defer capital gains tax.

What is a 1031 Exchange - 1031 Exchange Help : Gives information on what a 1031 exchange is all about. Provides help to make 1031 exchange process as easy as possible.

1031 Exchange Program : Information about 1031 exchange program in Orange County, Wisconsin and all major cities, which tells how to structure the sale and subsequent purchase of real property to avoid owing capital gains taxes.

1031 Exchange Resources : Provides useful & informative links to 1031 exchange resources that give a clear understanding of 1031 basics.

1031 Tax Free Exchange - Earnest Money Deposit : Provides information on 1031 tax-free exchanges and refunding earnest money deposit to maximize tax benefits. Also provides information for resolving closing cost statement issues for a smooth 1031 tax-free exchange transaction.

Wealth Building Strategy : Gives information on utilizing 1031 exchange as a wealth building strategy. Helps to find out how capital gains from sale of investment property can be deferred.

1031 Basic Presentation : Gives information about basic presentation of 1031.

Fidelity Bond Program : Haven Exchange has taken the step of insuring every penny of the exchange funds held, and warrants that it will increase the coverage of their fidelity bond whenever necessary.

Types of Exchanges : Gives information about different types of exchanges like delayed exchange, simultaneous exchange, improvement exchange and reverse exchange.

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